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For most of us, the purchase of real estate is the largest financial transaction we will make during our lifetime. The need and desire to purchase a home of our own can come from a job change, family situation, investment opportunity, or even the simple pride of owing your own home. Regardless of why we want to purchase a new home, in order to make the best decisions it is critical to know what is available in the market when the time comes to buy or sell a property, and be confident that we are getting accurate and timely data about those properties. Smarter Agent's national and international Multiple Listing Service footprint gives its clients both widespread and reliable data.

As a premier technology provider, we help make the buy or sell decision as informative as possible, and the overall experience less stressful. At Smarter Agent we support real estate transactions by making access to critical data easy to consume and update, in one standardized and digestible format.

With a long history of innovating and developing consumer applications, experience in data engineering, and having industry insight to continue relevant improvements, Smarter Agent is prepared to provide sophisticated technical solutions for real estate data.