5 Ways to Remotely Nurture Relationships and Keep Momentum [in a market shift]

We know it’s been a crazy week or two (to say the least). As real estate professionals, we have to be prepared during times of uncertainty. Being at home doesn’t mean your business has to come to a halt and there will come a time when buyers and sellers will be front and center again. 

Digital communication is more important than ever right now. You are already one step ahead – the perfect way to stay in touch with your leads and work with clients remotely (to keep everyone safe), is to use your branded real estate app. 

Here’s how to still work with clients and keep momentum for when things pick up!

1. Keep In Touch

“The number of people out there you can do business with is never zero. There are still people that need you, you’ll just have to work twice as hard to find them.” – Gary Keller, Keller Williams CEO and co-founder

65% of agents’ business comes from their sphere of influence (NAR). Now more than ever, people appreciate a warm voice checking in on them in times of stress. Don’t retreat, reachout.

Try: “Time block a minimum of four hours a day for lead generation. And never stop.” (Gary Keller)

  • Review in your app who has been active in the last couple of months and reach out.
  • Send them an email, text or pick up the phone just to check in. A personal (remote) touch goes a long way in real estate and people will remember.

2. Hone Your Skills

“Proper training makes the difference between someone who is a top producer and someone who is doing this as a hobby.” -Munif Ali, President/CEO, Pacific Playa Realty

Remote communication is more important than ever. To keep your business moving, you need to make a shift and lean into perfecting your digital skills.

Try: Our favorite resources for valuable guides and LIVE webinars to teach you new digital trends:

  • Stay on top of market trends with Housingwire
  • Get remote marketing tips from Hubspot
  • Take Smarter Agent’s NEW weekly LIVE webinars here.

3. Go Virtual

Keep every detail of your listings in front of potential buyers with clear images, video and virtual tours. Clients can’t visit properties in person right now, so it is your job to creatively paint the picture for them visually.

Try going live or virtual:

  • LIVE virtual toursFacetime with clients live and give them tours so they can see potential properties
  • Record a “How to search properties on your app” video on your phone and send it out to clients so they know how easy it is to download and search

4. Pick up the Phone

Making calls can be intimidating, but now more than ever, connecting with people on a human level has never been more important. The key is to not be salsey or pushy, just have a friendly conversation.

Try reaching out via phone:

  • Prepare a brief script, even the most experienced sales people can become tongue tied on the spot.
  • Make conversation and stay calm. Don’t jump right into a sales pitch. Now is a good time to nurture relationships and build trust.
  • Share your app. Explain that the best way to work together is virtually and you are best equipped with up-to-date property data in your app.

5. Find a way to help

The best way to expand your network and connect with people in it is to work and live alongside them. Even remotely, it allows the people in your community to establish a relationship with you, which will help you lay the groundwork for working with them in the future.

Try:Every problem eventually presents a solution. A way to help someone when they need it most.” (Gary Keller)

  • Join your “virtual” community groups on Facebook and see if anyone is in need of supplies or food and see if you can order for them
  • Start an online fundraiser to help the senior center in your community get food or supplies
  • Share your expertise. Start a newsletter to send out to your email list or start blogging about community updates as the market shifts and keep people updated as things change and pick up.

At any time an agent’s future relies on the people they know. Sharing your branded app (digitally) lets people know you are there for them. With your app, you have the data and power to guide them through these uncertain shifts. Stay safe and healthy everyone. Go mobile!  – Smarter Agent.

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