Make the Most of Your Mobile App, Part 2

This is Part Two of a Three-Part Series for Branded Mobile App Users

caucasian businessman typing on the touchscreen phoneIn Part One of this FAQs email series, we told you that deciding to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy was a great choice. With your mobile app, you’re providing the 68% of today’s home shoppers using mobile applications with the latest and most accurate real estate information accessible from anywhere, on any mobile device.

While a majority of home shoppers report to using mobile apps, 89% of home shoppers revealed they use the browser on their mobile device to search for homes. It was with this in mind that Smarter Agent developed the downloader page for branded app clients.

Part Two is all understanding and making the most of your custom downloader page.

1. What is my Downloader page?

Branded with your name and company name, your Downloader page is a web page we create for you to add to your website or easily share with clients via email. With your Downloader page, anyone can easily enter their phone number and receive a text to download your app. A quick click of the link and they’re able to immediately start searching the latest property information.

Your downloader page converts your website traffic into leads by offering buyers a direct feed into the MLS and putting your name name front and center during their real estate search.

2. How can I share my downloader page?

Add your downloader page to your website and share the link on your social media sites. Send the link to everyone in your email database with some interesting information about what’s happening in the local market. Consider incentivizing people to download your app by offering the first 25 people to check it out with a chance to win a gift card to a local coffee shop.

3. What if I want more ideas?

Join us for an upcoming webinar offered every Wednesday at 3:00 PM EDT. Register here:

4. What if I still have questions?

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