Mobile Use Is Increasing: Why This Matters For Real Estate Agents

Here at Smarter Agent, we’ve been focused on the use of mobile in real estate since 2000. However, the mobile landscape has shifted dramatically in recent years. In 2015 we’ve seen an impressive 20% increase in usage of our app, leading to more sales and clients for real estate agents.

This data doesn’t surprise us; in fact, it’s a reflection of the rise of mobile data usage overall in the United States. Here are some stats that might surprise you about the rise of smartphones in the United States.

80% of First Time Homebuyers Have Smartphones

The median age of first time homebuyers is 31, and 80% of people that age own smartphones. Repeat buyers average age 52, and 64% of those buyers have smartphones and that number is rising. Homebuyers are using mobile devices to search for homes.

80% of Internet Users Own a Smartphone

Not only do most web users own a smartphone, they often choose to use their mobile device to search even when a desktop is available. 60% of smartphone owners will grab their phones for a search even when they are sitting in front of their desktop. In 2014, mobile usage was greater than desktop usage overall for the first time.

Mobile Speed Increased 20% in 2014

Because of improvements in technology, mobile speed overall in the US increased dramatically. Searching for homes requires loading multiple photographs, so faster loading means more searches on mobile. In some places, mobile search is faster than desktop. Google has even begun penalizing sites that don’t work quickly on mobile devices.

85% of Mobile Usage is Apps, Not Browsers

It’s important to remember that smartphones aren’t just little computers that live in our pockets. People use their phones differently than a browser. If they are looking for a good local restaurant, they don’t search from the browser, they use Yelp. For directions, they use a map app. So when buyers are looking for a new home, they prefer a mobile app, not a website, for their searches.

Half of Smartphone Users Say They Can’t Live Without Their Phones

46% of people who own smartphones believe they cannot live without their mobile devices, and the other 54% say they are necessary but not all of the time. This is a huge change in our culture. In fact, 80% of smartphone users check their phones within fifteen minutes of waking up.

25% of Smartphone Owners Only Use Phones For Internet Access

A significant part of the population in the US skipped right over having home computers and went straight to using the more affordable smartphones for the internet access. 10% have zero internet access other than their phones, and 15% more say they have very limited web access through desktop computers. While often lower income, this group still buys homes, and are definitely searching for new homes onli

As you can see, the rise in mobile usage has and will continue to have a huge impact on the Real Estate industry. Is your real estate business mobile ready?