The Mobile View from Day 1 at #ICNY, Inman Connect New York

Just got back from a couple of days @Inman Connect in New York City.  One of the most iPad real estate app, real estate appuniversal observations I had, and I’m sure I’m not alone in my view, is how ubiquitous the iPad has become in the real estate industry. Just about every real estate professional I saw walking the showroom floor shopping for the latest and greatest tools and services for real estate offices had one.   Just like the average home buyer today, real estate professionals are using their iPads for just about everything. Interestingly enough, at least from the mobile view, very few of these Realtors have their own app to put on their home buying or selling clients’ iPads. Smarter Agent can help with that!

As most of us in the real estate industry know, attendees at Inman Connect NY are not your everyday real estate professional.  Those who attend to Inman are usually key players in the success of any particular real estate office or brand. They are from the IT department, the Business Development department, the Marketing Managers or they are Broker/Owners.

With all the power – players in one space for several days, Inman Connect New York is a great show for networking and connecting with the right people who are the decision makers, the movers & shakers in the real estate biz.  We were certainly able to connect with some leaders and are excited about taking more  real estate businesses mobile with our White Label app. The real estate movers and shakers we’ve met so far are excited about mobile and the powerful tools it offers their home buying or selling clients as well as what the universally-branded White Label app can do to build their real estate brand! As a bonus when they go mobile with a White Label app, they will be able to give home buyers and sellers in their area their own native app for iPad and their other mobile devices.

We’re always excited to be part of Inman Connect and look forward to building relationships with those real estate leaders we’ve had the privilege to meet over the last few days to help them GoMobile and drive their lead generation through 2013 and beyond!

 ~ Larry Davis, Sales Manager