Oh Yeah, We’re the Cool Kids in Mobile Applications

Being the most popular kid on the playground sounds cool… but imagine being the coolest kid on the playground because of your awesome smart phone with your new, branded mobile application?  That’s exactly what I felt like at this year’s CMLS event. Everyone wanted a piece of Smarter Agent. Everyone wanted their own free MLS branded mobile applications. Everyone was talking to us, asking questions, downloading the app, demoing the app, sharing the app… It was incredible! 

At one point we had 4 MLS leaders hanging out at our table talking mobile, discussing how important mobile is to their members and consumers and how cool it is that Smarter Agent is giving them a real estate mobile application solution for FREE.

The MLS Mobile Skeptics:

 Of course there were the skeptical MLSs as well, the ones who believe TANSTAAFL (“There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”). Well, with Smarter Agent, there actually is. We will waive our fees if you waive your MLS fee which is a “Win-Win”. Ultimately, considering the benefits that Smarter Agent brings to the table, the MLS wins and so do their members. 

MLS Mobile Members:

If you are an MLS member wondering why we are giving your MLS a free branded mobile application, to be honest, we’re doing it because we know it will benefit your business. Period.  If your MLS signs up for the free Smarter Agent app, then you will no longer have to pay additional IDX/RETS fees for adding mobile.  And if you and your MLS join Smarter Agent we no longer will have to wait for IDX/RETS paperwork to get you started as we’ll have a better system in place with your MLS. 

So, if you’re part of an MLS that has not signed up for their free mobile application yet, give them a call and ask why not. You’ll only be saving yourself money and time in the long run while increasing your leads.  Pretty cool deal.

Smarter Agent is the coolest kid in mobile applications. Don’t you want to sit at our table?

~ Sasha England, MLS Coordinator