Peter Cottontail isn’t the Only One on the Move this Spring: So are Home Shoppers and Mobile Real Estate App Usage

It’s that time of year again. Time for the bunnies to get to hopping, and for home buyers to get to shopping. It’s no secret that spring is a crucial time period for the real estate industry and its respective agents and brokers.

With  real estate applications being used by an increasing-number of the house hunting market, the “real estate” season is more mobile and faster paced  for real estate professionals than ever before.

According to a recent report from The Real Estate Book, mobile real estate applications have become an irreplaceable tool for the home shopper. Reportedly, house hunters use their real estate application for a multitude of property search options including:

  • 78% viewed photos and videos of homes
  • 66% inquired for more information about a listing
  • 60% found listing details, price, description, amenities and contact information
  • 57%located a house listing with GPS
  • 55% searched by city
  • 42% downloaded a home buying search app
  • 30% shared listing information with friends and family

Of all the respondents surveyed, 98% said they view their real estate app as a valuable tool.  That number is no surprise to us at Smarter Agent where we are seeing a tremendous number of our apps delivering leads to agents and brokers in the form of calls and emails.

Do you have a real estate application for your brand? If not, you simply will not reap your due portion of closings this real estate season. The real estate offices that hand out a branded real estate app in your region will.

Real estate closings begin with viable, local real estate leads and that is the number one purpose of mobile real estate applications. Want to learn more? Take an hour out of your week in the near future to join our next webinar discussing the powerful tools available from our mobile application platform. Time truly is of the essence, and your real estate brand is worth the investment.