Ready to Take your Mobile Real Estate Business to the Next Level?

It’s no secret that real estate professionals have always been a mobile group. Moving from the office to property showings to mortgage offices and meetings with clients, agents and brokers alike have always been on the go. So, with the plethora of mobile tools made available to real estate pros, it’s only natural that productivity and timeliness of transactions would follow suit, right?

Well, that’s the theory and while it is a sound one, the hurdle that seems to be slowing adoption of mobile real estate tools seems to be the ability to educate real estate professionals about the tools that would best suit their individual business needs. There are hundreds of mobile apps on the market and it can be daunting to make heads or tails of the seeming overabundance of this new technology.   

What if we told you that we’ve got a link to a webinar discussing some awesome mobile real estate apps that any real estate agent or broker could use to enhance their productivity?

We were excited to be able to sponsor this fact-filled Inman News webinar highlighting the top 20 mobile applications that will enhance productivity and timeliness for real estate professionals.

 As the leading gps-driven mobile real estate application in the industry, we understand how important mobile real estate tools are to our real estate partners. Take a look at the webinar and get the tools you need to revitalize your already-mobile real estate business!

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager