The Do’s and Don’ts of a Real Estate Agent’s Social Media

You’re posting your listings on Facebook, and your family and friends are “liking them,” but you still aren’t seeing a return on your time investment. It can be annoying to think of what to say about a property, and how to set it apart. Tap into your natural “selling” personality and avoid a few of these mistakes to increase traction on social and, most importantly, get more leads:


DON’T just throw a listing on Facebook with a link to your MLS.

DO “Go Live! Before an Open House, open your Facebook or Instagram apps and start touring the property you’re showing. Show off unique things photos don’t do justice – the beautiful yard, a second floor laundry room, or newly finished basement.

Share the link to the listing with engaging content about how the backyard is perfect for the family that loves entertaining, or has a finished basement that can be made into an extra bedroom. Encourage your followers to share the property with their contacts and always, always, always include a text code to download YOUR app for more information.


DON’T just stick to Facebook.

DO hop on Twitter and Instagram. Instagram is a visual medium perfect for the real estate space. Share photos and videos of your listings as well as photos of happy customers you’ve helped find their dream home. Include fun “jump shots” of happy buyers and sellers, and always remember to hashtag your photos with real estate-friendly industry tags like, #PhiladelphiaRealEstate or #RaleighHomesForSale. MANY neighborhoods have lhashtags used to promote their local businesses . Look through hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to find which ones are getting the most traction. Also, keep an eye on other agents’ social pages and see what hashtags they are using. Imitation is the highest form of flattery!


DON’T post it and forget it.

DO include questions with every post. Give your network an opportunity to see how knowledgeable you are about the property, the area, and anything else they need to know. When there are questions and responses – ANSWER them. Think of yourself as teaching your followers about the property, as opposed to trying to sell it. Sure, they can find that information elsewhere, but engaging with these potential-clients will show them that you are knowledgable, and accessible. Rather than telling them to read the listing info on zillow – ask them to download your app! Then all further inquiries will go to you and you can count on that commission.


DON’T ignore your competition.

DO check out other local agents and see how they are using social. Are they on Snapchat? Have they figured out Pinterest? The more information you have on other real estate agents, the easier it will be to compete and cut through the clutter.


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