WAV Group White Paper: Brokers Missing Their Customers

Are you missing out on potential clients due to a lack of branding for your real estate office? In an interesting White Paper by the WAV Group, “Brokers Missing Their Customers” there was an interesting discussion on branding and impact to real estate offices.  Here’s a snippet from the post:

“The real truth in online effectiveness for brokers is optimizing around your brand, your agents, and your listings first.”

We here at Smarter Agent couldn’t agree more! Read the complete article here.

In our experience, one of the biggest pain points our partners note at the beginning of their mobile real estate application build is “how to get their name out” to prospects. With a branded application, you have the ability to put a custom real estate app literally into the hands of each and every prospective home buyer you meet. (and even those you don’t thanks to your branded web downloader page!) And because just like the web, adding a localized app in all the app stores will also drive tons of organic search results that large national aggregators can’t.

An app by Smarter Agent is your own fully branded app. It is tailored just for you, with your name, phone number, and email address. All calls, texts, and emails go directly to you, regardless of the listing agent. Meaning it is a powerful tool to reach and engage clients.

With Your App by Smarter Agent, you have your own unique corner office in the digital world.