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  • Powerful new functionally
  • Featured listing innovation

First mobile app on Smarter Agent platform, and first brand to over 1 million unique users. Extended mobile program to local franchisee companies. These personalized apps see two-thirds of their user base return month over month pointing to a rewarding experience for brokers, agents and their local customers.

The agent branding component of the Smarter Agent app fits perfectly with the KW advertising model/philosophy, which puts the agent brand before the franchise brand. At Keller Williams Realty International, we are experiencing the value of having all of our agents be able to share a personalized app with their clients, and as a result, the KW brand reaps the benefits of this distinction among national franchise brands."

Cary Sylvester, Vice President Technology,
    Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

One master brand app

  • One master branded app with the ability to create interconnected versions for all offices in US and internationally

  • Each of which can also be independent with it’s own sub-brand, business rules, data, sponsors and distribution path.

Results and success

  • National app, local presence and direct sales impact
  • For users that open the app more than once, 20% have converted to contracting Realtors via email and phone.

Agent case studies

Mike Jurecka

Mike Jurecka

DFW Fine Properties in Southlake, Texas

How are you promoting the app?

When face to face, it’s important to show them how to download and use the app. Real Estate is a contact sport, a relationship business. If you show one person how to use it properly, they can then share the app with their family and friends, allowing you to tap into their sphere of influence. Part of the learning here is that personal relationships are still important so it’s necessary to give clients an app to compliment those relationships, not to use exclusively. All agents need an app to get inside peoples’ smart phones. They need to not only get the app on their clients’ phones but educate them on how to use it. The more your clients use the app, the better the results. I send the app out to open house attendees. At an upcoming ‘Home Buying’ seminar, I plan to have the audience download the app.

What do you think of the app?

The app is a tremendous product when looking at the rate of return. At around $10 per month, one sale or referral makes the app well worth the investment. Real estate is a local business driven by local agents. The quality of the relationship with the clients is what will make them more likely to use your app versus the national apps out there.

Can you give an example of a sale you made using the app?

I had a client who sent my app to his co-worker. The co-worker found the house he was interested in via the app and called me about it. Since the house was outside of my area I was able to place him with another agent and collect a referral fee.