The MLS App

The first mobile app that provides 3 powerful options for MLS organizations.

And empower your members.

Smarter Agent launches the first mobile app that provides 3 powerful options for MLS organizations.

  1. MLS App. Puts your MLS in the app stores, providing consumers with a trusted MLS vetted local source of information. All leads go to the listing agent, providing a no cost source of lead generation to your members.

  2. Member App. Every one of your members gets an app with their name in it, that can be given to their customers, and all leads go back to them. Based on the powerful platform used by more franchisors and brokers than any other mobile app.

  3. Pro Data Access. Pro Data Access. Allows your members to have a mobile companion to your MLS. Agents can access MLS member only data via a log-in.

The Difference between Smarter Agent and other MLS apps

Today, brokerage companies and their agents have several options for mobile apps. However, many of these apps solutions have real disadvantages.

For example:

  1. MLS software companies have mobile extensions, These apps are low rated and have none of the pizazz and continuous innovation agents and consumers demand.

  2. Other mobile companies provide “free” for now MLS apps, but they do one thing bad for your members. They promote their brand at the expense of your members local brands. The branding they provide is secondary to getting consumers to contact them first. “Free” is just a trojan horse. Learn more here.

Smarter Agent is the only enterprise SaaS company that puts your members brands first.

As brokers and agents want more from mobile, we offer upgrades for more features and functionalities. We are a true enterprise SaaS company like Salesforce, Workday or Concur. We grow by supporting our customers and not by growing our own brand at the expense of you and your members.

Features Include:

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