MRIS Homes ™ FAQs

What software versions is MRIS Homes available on?

The MRIS Homes mobile app is available on the following:

  • iPhone/iPad: iOS 4.3 and above
  • BlackBerry: OS 4.2 and above
  • Android: OS 1.5 and above
  • iPad: iOS versions 4 though 6

What types of searches can be conducted in the app?

Consumers can choose from the ‘Find Nearby Homes,’ ‘Find Nearby Rentals,’ and ‘Find Nearby Open Houses’ options from the main menu. You can also select the ‘Advanced Search’ option from the main menu to enter the search information of your choice.

MRIS customers who log in with their MRIS IDs and passwords also have access to the agent-only PRO Features menu, which includes Matrix Contacts (a link to Matrix Mobile to allow MRIS customers to view their Matrix Contacts and run their Matrix Saved Searches), and All Status Search options.

The All Status Search option offers MRIS customers the following searches:

  • Nearby Sales
  • Nearby Rentals
  • Address or MLS #

Each All Status Search automatically searches all statuses which include:

  • Contract
  • Temp Off
  • Withdrawn
  • Sold
  • Expired
  • Rented

This allows MRIS customers to quickly and easily look up listings in the field that are not on Active status, and therefore don’t show up for the consumer-facing searches.

In addition, MRIS customers can log in to view additional listing data that is not displayed to the public. The Realtor Quick View and Realtor Detail View displays show property status history, days on market, listing history, compensation, agent remarks, and other information. This information gives the real estate professional an understanding of the home beyond the physical attributes of the home.

How do I refine my search?

You can refine your search criteria from the Advanced Search screen by Price, Beds, Baths, Property Type, and Distance before you perform the search. You may also search an area using any search types, then use the ‘Refine’ button to refine your results from there.

I want to search an area outside of where I am currently located. How can I do this?

To search outside of your immediate area, you can select the ‘Advanced Search’ from the main menu of the application. From here, you can enter an MLS #, property address, city/state, or zip code.

How do I get more information on a property or contact a licensed real estate agent?

Once you have found a property that you would like more information on, simply press the ‘Contact’ button, which is available from any page once you have completed a search. From there, you can use ‘Call’ or ‘Email’ to contact a licensed real estate professional using the contact method of your choice. The real estate agent will automatically be sent the information on the area or property you are viewing and can further assist you.

Can I share this app with someone else?

Yes; to share the app with another person, simply press the “Share” option on the main menu. On the next screen, you can either enter a 10-digit phone number (for phones) or an email address (for iPods and tablets) and press ‘Send’ to send a link to your friend so they can download the app you are using as well.

How do I view properties on a map instead of in a list?

Once you have done a search, simply select the Map View to view the search results on a map. The various icons represent the different property types, and from the Map View you can pan/zoom, re-search, and click the icons for more property information.

When I try to do a search, I receive the following error message: “You have tried to search outside of our coverage area. Please try a different area.” What does this mean?

You receive this error message when you are trying to search outside of MRIS’ geographical area. If the application you are using is specific to a certain region, you will only be able to search in that area.

Which listings are shown in the MRIS Homes ™ app?

Consumers can view all Active listings that are opted in to IDX. MRIS Customers can view all listings opted in to IDX, even off market (Contract, Sold, Withdrawn, etc.) listings.

How are New Listings defined?

Listings with the “New Listing” designation have been on the market for 7 days or less.

I can’t find a listing that I know should be available; why can’t I find it?

If you are having trouble finding a listing, try removing some of your criteria or searching by MLS #.

If the listing you are searching for does not appear try searching with the All Status Search, the listing you are looking for may no longer be active, meaning it would not show up under the “consumer-level” searches. If you continue to have an issue, please contact the MRIS Support Center at 888-838-8200.

There are photos missing from a listing I am viewing; why is this?

If you are not seeing photos for a property, it is possible that the listing agent did not upload any photos to the MLS for this property. If you have reason to believe that this property should have photos that you are not seeing, please contact the MRIS Support Center at 888-838-8200.

Some of the property information I am seeing doesn’t seem to be correct; what should I do?

If you believe you are seeing incorrect property information, please allow 30 minutes from when the property detail changes were uploaded to the MLS to see the change live in the application. If it has been longer than 30 minutes and you are still not seeing what you believe to be the correct information, please contact the MRIS Support Center at 888-838-8200.