MRIS Homes ™ FAQs – iPhone

What software versions is MRIS Homes available on?

The MRIS Homes mobile app is available on iOS 4.3 and above for iPhone.

How do I delete Saved Listings or Saved Searches?

1.            From the Main Menu of the application, select ‘Saved Favorites.’
2.            Select the listing type that applies to the Saved Listing or Saved Search that you would like to delete, for example, ‘For Sale.’
3.            Select the type of favorite you would like to delete; ‘Saved Listings’ or ‘Saved Searches.’
4.            When you find the Saved Listing or Saved Search you would like to delete, swipe your index finger from left to right across the object you would like to delete.
5.            A red ‘Delete’ button will appear; simply tap the button to delete the Saved Listing or Saved Search.

How do I turn my GPS on?

If you are having issues with the GPS searches or accidentally selected ‘Don’t Allow’ Location Services when you first installed the application, please follow the steps below to check or turn on your GPS services.

1.            From your iPhone’s main menu, go to ‘Settings.’
2.            Select ‘General.’
3.            Select ‘Location Services’ (for some devices, Location Services can be on the Settings main menu and you will not need to go into General).
4.            Switch ‘Location Services’ at the top of the applications list from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’ if it isn’t already set to ‘ON.’ These are the GPS permission for your general device settings.
5.            Scroll down the applications list and switch ‘Location Services’ from ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’ if it isn’t already set to ‘ON’ for the specific application as well. These are the GPS permissions for the specific application settings.