Full Broker White Label Solution

  • Your name and logo on all apps
  • Lead routing: All calls and emails go directly to your office
  • All MLS listings with all calls going back to you, regardless of who listed it
  • QR code and unique text code for office
  • Administrative Dashboard to track usage
  • Downloader web tool which enables you to deliver your app to your clients’ phone from your website
  • Great recruiting tool! Every agent gets their own personal app linked and branded to their broker app
  • Sniffer code that re-routes mobile traffic to your app
  • Be in all app stores, including iTunes Store and Android Marketplace
  • App also available on HTML5/mobile web and iPad
  • $349/month will include native apps for iPhone, iPad & all Android devices

20% of the real estate apps in the app stores are built by Smarter Agent