50% of Consumers Ages 25-34 have Smartphones. We Have to Ask – Is your Real Estate Brand Mobile Ready?

Let’s start with the fact that as a real estate broker or agent, your business is both local and mobile. It always has been, and technology has finally caught up. You are an expert and high authority within your coverage area. You drive to and from client meetings, closings, mortgage meetings and property showings. So, with a mobile business, you need mobile real estate tools for both you and your clients, who are also on the go, smartphone in hand.

As part of the recent Mobile Strategy Webinar from Inman News, which we were proud to have sponsored, some really intriguing statistics about mobile usage in the US came to light.

Mobile Usage Statistics

When you think of your target market, consider these stats. According to the NAHB, the average age of a first time home buyer is 33. Based on the previous statistics, that would firmly ensconce them within the 63.2 million Americans that has a smartphone. And we know based on our usage summaries that these consumers are highly-engaged mobile-users who will use their smartphones to find their next home.

Well, you say, just because they have a smartphone doesn’t mean that I have to make my real estate brand mobile to gain the most leads, does it? Well yes, it does. Why?

Mobile Usage Statistics

Since your business has always been mobile, and smartphones now ensure that your target market is mobile, the natural progression would be to be sure that your audience can connect with you and your brand whenever they’re using their phone.

Real estate season (A/K/A Spring) is upon us. Now is the time to take your real estate brand mobile. Want to learn how?

Check out the benefits of a Smarter Agent branded or white label real estate application here.

As your clients and potential clients begin their home search, why not be on their phones, one call away from helping them with their property search.