A Mobile, Technology-Driven Age Means __________ for Real Estate Agents.

You can fill in the blank with any of the following:

Increased Leads

More Business

Higher Profits

Better Commissions

In a recent Software Advice article from Matthew Collis from IXACT Contact, the discussion begins with his take on what mobile and technology mean to real estate agents in today’s market.  His ultimate conclusion “Real estate agents with the right systems in place will be well prepared going into the future and be in a good position to take their business to the next level.” Well, we couldn’t agree more.

One of the more intriguing statements in Colis’s post, “… home buyers and sellers don’t just want, but expect, real estate sales professionals to be increasingly available at all times and highly responsive. According to PCMS Consulting and One Cavo, 75 percent of real estate leads generated online are lost because they are either never responded to or responded to too late.”, drives home a point that we make with our clients and prospects every single day. In order to compete within a market where the home buying clientele is bound to be part of the adult population that spends more than 10% of their time on their mobile phones , real estate professionals need to make their brands mobile.

To effectively reach this growing demographic (there were more than 324 million mobile handsets sold last year), Collis notes “It’s essential to have access to the data/information you need on the road combined with the right systems in place in order to save time, increase your efficiency, and become more productive overall.”

More productivity for real estate professionals means more outreach, more calls, more email to drive more leads, and ultimately, more SALES.  The beauty of a white label mobile real estate application is that once the real estate application is live in all the top app stores, custom branded to the brokerage or office, the leads roll in, simply based on the numbers of “who’s using a mobile phone to search for real estate listings”.

Well, with more than 90 million people in the US owning a smart phone, and understanding that one half of all local searches are performed on smart phones, there are literally millions of people that could be potential real estate leads using smart phones every day.

Like Collis noted, the new home buyers and sellers that make up the average real estate professionals target market expect their realtor and real estate listings to be available, like all the information they process, 24-7. They want to be able to email you at 3AM if they find a great property you represent, and expect a call back the next day.

The beauty of a mobile real estate application, like that from Smarter Agent, allows for this 24-7 local real estate search for your region, as well as a click-to-contact for the branded or white label partner who shared out our app. You will receive ALL the leads your app sends on, no matter who the listing agent is, which compounds your lead potentially significantly.

With our White label mobile app option, our partners have the benefit of their mobile real estate applications being found in all the top mobile app stores, using local keyword searches to ensure the viability of the leads they receive from prospects using their app.

It’s great to see the conversation about mobile real estate expand further into the technology industry. Collis has a great grasp of the benefits that mobile can bring to real estate, now it’s our job to show our broker owner partners the power of the Smarter Agent Mobile Real Estate Application and how it will grow their business in 2012.

Read the entire article from Matthew Collis at IXACT Contact here.

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager