A Mousetrap for Agents and Brokers

I was talking with an agent today about mobile at the Triple Play Expo. He made the point that Zillow has built a better “mousetrap.” So, why not push his clients to them and have those same clients call him back.

The issue is there is no better mousetrap than brand loyalty. That brand is you!  So going to a third party aggregator might work but there is no assurance they will come back to you.

He did not realize with his own app through Smarter agent his clients will have more accurate real estate listings than say, a Zillow. He gets to brand his business while maintaining loyalty and direct contact with his clients.

But as he said, the game changer is that we have 6 patents in mobile including search and discovery. Meaning any client of his with a press of a button find all the homes available to buy based on where they are standing and with one click can call or email him directly. That’s a mousetrap!

~ Philip Charles-Pierre, SVP of Marketing & Distribution