Agents and Brokers – is your Mobile Real Estate Marketing Strategy Relevant? Do you even Have One?

It’s no secret that the timeliness and targeting capabilities of mobile real estate marketing not only makes for a viable tool for both individual agents and brokerages alike, but has become a necessity for real estate brands to implement a mobile marketing strategy to stay relevant to their ever growing mobile consumer base.

With these points in mind, when building your mobile real estate marketing strategy, how can you be sure that your message and plan is relevant or impactful to your consumers?


Mobile marketing is all about getting info to your consumers as soon as it’s available as well as when it’s of interest to them no matter where they are. So, by sharing a real estate mobile application with your clients and prospects, you are giving them real-time real estate listings directly from the MLS. No matter where they perform their property search using your real estate app, they get the most up-to-date list of homes for sale.

Ease of Use

House hunting clients don’t want to be bogged down with complicated processes to locate the home of their dreams. They want a direct method they can use to find a home and review the property information to make an educated decision about their interest. A branded mobile real estate application not only allows for easy access to the latest MLS listing data, it simplifies the connection between broker/agent and home shopper to allow for the third criteria for a relevant mobile marketing strategy.

Lead Generation

The whole purpose of developing a mobile real estate marketing strategy is to drive leads and increase the conversion percentage for any given office. For real estate professionals, this means connecting with more prospects and home shoppers and ultimately speeding the sales transaction process. If your real estate app doesn’t offer an easy-accessed contact method, like one-click email or phone to the agent listed, then all the detailed property search data in your app would be for naught.

Take your lead generation potential a step further within your real estate app by adding your brand’s logo to the content. Real estate brands live a long time in their clients and prospects minds, as changes happen to drive home sales or purchases. Be sure your mobile real estate app instills your brand into the minds of your clients and prospects.

Consider the above points when building out your real estate application as the hub of your mobile real estate marketing strategy, and watch your ROI skyrocket.

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager