Recent Article Highlights Ways IOS 6 Will Impact App Rankings

It seems, recent changes to how Apple iOS 6 ranks apps have developers rethinking the importance of organic ratings and reviews for their applications versus paid promotions and advertising campaigns. Read the entire article here.

So if this is the end of the road for app developers who have been paying for download services or using app recommendation services to get found in the app store, then what is next?

First, it is important that your app performs as it should, has eye-catching artwork and gets ratings from its’ satisfied customers. Doing both of these ensures a top spot in the new Apple store. It is one of the reasons why most Smarter Agent powered apps are at the top of all the app stores.

This is not a new phenomenon. Recent changes to Google’s search results via Panda require white hat, honest, content marketing and SEO efforts to rank a website. The truth is, Apple iOS 6 is just following the going trend of honest-ranking, pulling the plug on the black hat practices of apps that were willing to pay to rank in their categories.

App developers need to ensure that their users and clients get involved in reviewing and rating their apps, to get the best location in the new Apple list. Not only will great ratings and reviews help substantially with the rank of an application, but potential app users can use those reviews to solidify their trust in the application’s capabilities.

Smarter Agent has always, and continues, to follow white hat ranking practices in all the app stores, including the Apple store. We know that the only true test of time for any mobile application is reliability, continued improvements to offer our users and clients, the latest tools and technology, and continued interaction with our clients and users to get their feedback.

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