Agents: Avoid Client Dissatisfaction

Steve Pacinelli, co-founder of and VP of Realtor Events, Move, Inc., recently put together an insightful post for RETechnology based on the results of the California Association of REALTORS 2013 Home Buyer Survey.

The 2013 telephone survey asked 1,400 recent home buyers to talk candidly about their recent home buying experience — from finding an agent to closing escrow.

Pacinelli’s post specifically highlighted what buyers cited as their top reasons for dissatisfaction with their agent. It got us thinking about what home buyers are saying and how one little piece of technology can help you address their complaints.

According to Pacinelli, the survey showed that “three out of the top five reasons for dissatisfaction with an agent (found below) all have to do with communication.”

· Slow response (82%)
· Ineffective/inefficient communication (48%)
· Undesirable communication methods (43%)
· Not aggressive in negotiation (47%)
· Showed homes unlikely to buy (2%)

While we realize that today’s clients can be demanding, even sometimes seeing you, their agent, as responsible for market forces beyond your control — things like housing inventory and tight lending standards, we see the above list as a great start to figuring out how to improve your interactions with clients. The result is less stress for you and a more enjoyable home buying process for your clients.

The answer, you may be wondering, to slow response times, undesirable communication methods and knowing what type of property your clients want is in your hand or pocket right now. Maybe you’re reading this post on it.

It’s your mobile device.

With mobile devices, there is no reason why 82% of buyers surveyed should be dissatisfied with their agent’s response time. Your mobile device allows you to respond quickly when you’re on the go. Now this doesn’t mean you need to be available 24 hours a day. Nor, does it mean you can’t set boundaries letting your clients know when you are available. It just means that responding is made easier and quicker with your mobile device. Because let’s face it, you’re always on the go.

The same is true of the 43% of home buyers survey who said their agent used undesirable communication methods. With your mobile device, it’s simple to communicate with your clients in their preferred method — be it email, text and phone call.

Lastly, with mobile search like that available via Smarter Agent’s mobile platform, clients get to tell you what type of home they’re looking for. It takes the guesswork out of what type of home they want and helps you avoid the dissatisfaction that home buyers felt when their agent showed them homes they weren’t interested in (#5).

To access the entire 2013 Home Buyer Survey, click here.