Broker Focus: Vanessa Mercer

As we move into 2016, we wanted to feature Vanessa Mercer of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Realty Center, who is very excited about everything the app will have in store for the new year! All the Realty Center agents love their branded apps powered by Smarter Agent Mobile and Vanessa had a lot of great things to say about it too:
Why did you decide to go mobile? And how do your agents feel about the app?

Well first off, when we told the owner the price, it was clear that it was a no-brainer – we had to get the app! The managers felt the agents were going to get a good deal, and we all agreed that it was good for agents to see that we had a relationship with the Smarter Agent Mobile business. The apps are equipped with agent names and that we knew that would be appealing for agents to adopt and use. It ends up making my job more fun; part of my job is agent orientation and they are always the most excited about the app. Younger applicants usually already knew what the app is; even older agents have had positive things to say about how easy it is to use and share with others. Agents are usually very particular about the ways they represent themselves but we have overcome their hurdle when it comes to this branded app.

How do you market the app?

We have it on our email signatures and several agents ask to have it added to their business cards even though they are only given two lines. Several agents show it in listing presentations as a tool to show that they are tech savvy and that they can keep up with the times. We have learned from agent experiences as well as what Smarter Agent has told us that the best way to share it is one on one. It works really well to use it yourself and then share and show clients how to use it in person.

How do your clients feel about the app?

Soon after our app launched, an agent’s existing client shared the app with another person, and the agent then got a call from the person the app was shared with. She took the time to share how appreciative she was.

That’s the power of having an app: the kind of engagement you can generate.

Another great example was an instance where someone in a boat saw homes for sale along the bank and were able to contact us directly about the listings.

What do you like best about the app most recently?

I love the new text language – when an agent shares their app code through text message, it shows the agent’s name. It’s great that it tells you whose app you have downloaded!


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