Brokers and Agents are excited about Mobile – As They Learn More at this Year’s NAR Conference

This is Phil Tomasello, a new member of the Smarter Agent team, checking in from the NAR conference in Anaheim, California. Yesterday was another great day at the NAR conference. It’s been great so far to meet brokers and agents from all over and to learn about their impressions and opinions of mobile marketing. I knew how powerful mobile was before joining Smarter Agent, but this conference has shown me even more about how powerful it can be in the world of real estate.

One thing I can say is that people are interested in talking about mobile and are looking for guidance about what direction to go in. It’s been great to share the Smarter Agent product with them and see their reaction when they realize that someone is providing the exact real estate tool they need in the mobile space. As their questions are answered one by one, their excitement grows.

How much does it cost for the consumer to download my app?

There’s no cost for someone to download your app.

Will only my listings show in my app?

No, all of your MLS listings will show in it.

Will I only get the lead for my listings?

No, the leads for all MLS listings in your app will go to you whether they are your listing or not.

Is it just for the iPhone?

No, it’s for all platforms.

Can the consumer save listings that they want to view later on?

Of course.

How do I get my app out people once I sign up?

We will give you the tools that you need to market your app in your local area.

At the end of typical conversations like this, most people can’t see why someone wouldn’t sign up……except for the random person who we meet that still doesn’t have a website and doesn’t believe in technology. And yes, we have met quite a few people like that. There are just some people you will never be able to convince.

Also, as a side note to all of the older agents out there, don’t think that your age has to define what types of tools you are able to use when it come to technology. I met quite a few 50+ year old agents who at the mention of mobile would just tune you out because they didn’t care to learn anything new because of how difficult it can be. On the other hand, I met a lot of agents in the 50+ age range who have taught themselves to be very tech savvy and know some of the tools much better than younger agents. I met one particularly memorable woman who was probably in her mid 70’s. When I asked her what real estate tools she was using on her mobile device, assuming she would say none, she proceeded to show me about 10 of them…including Smarter Agent’s app. You are never too “experienced” to learn.

~ Phil Tomasello, Partner Relations