Cascading Mobile Solutions – Tablet Ready!

Searching for your new home anytime, anywhere to be has never been easier. Now that tablet computers are in the mix, Smarter Agent  and its cascading mobile platform has capitalized on the emergence of not only every mobile phone, but also on tablet devices. Real estate is an information rich industry and people need this information whenever they can get it to make the best possible purchase decisions. Smarter Agent’s solutions provide indispensible tools for homebuyers which empower them to learn this information conveniently on their device of choice.

Tablets have emerged quickly as the mobile device of choice for many people.

According to Direct Marketing News (, tablet market penetration is expected to triple this year and double again next year. “(Saumweber)

This is why Smarter Agent hosts most of their native apps on the most popular tablet computers, such as the Motorola Xoom and Apple iPad. Less portable than smart phones, but more interactive and easier to see, tablets are good to use for any type of home search using Smarter Agent apps. You can search by GPS or perform Advanced Searches outside your immediate area using zip code, address, city, or state criteria.

Real estate professionals have an opportunity to leverage tablet computers to connect with even more homebuyers in their community; people who pride themselves on using the best technology available to obtain vital information.

“A Nomura Securities International forecast shows that 500 million smart phones will ship in 2011, while some 52 million tablets will sell in the same period.” (Saumweber).

With the proliferation of these devices increasing faster than ever, it is important to know how to leverage them to connect with real estate professionals and consumers. Download our free app for yourself from your tablet and see for yourself why this has become such a fast emerging tool for homebuyers!