Consumer adoption of mobile has caught on fast. Is your business following suit?

Companies are facing challenges as they try to adopt a winning mobile strategy that stays on par with a fast evolving mobile-consumer. ¬†An increasing percentage of planned expenditures are being devoted to mobile marketing initiatives. The challenge is that most businesses lack some the resources to carry their steadfast mobile marketing plans into reality. Our recent post about StrongMail‘s “Mobile Marketing Survey 2012” looks at the mobile marketing implementation and the budgets of over 800 companies and their integration with other traditional marketing channels. Here we build more upon what they found:

  • 45% of respondents said their business is currently using mobile as a marketing channel.
  • Of those 45%, seven out of ten are using mobile versions of their websites and 55 percent are using mobile applications as their primary strategy.

Many of the biggest names in real estate are utilizing a Smarter Agent app downloadable from the Android, Blackberry, and iPhone/iPad app stores. Some of these apps can also be downloaded by visiting the websites of these brokerages on your mobile device. A redirect to install their app will pop up and ask if you would prefer to install their app. See for yourself by visiting from your smart phone. Then follow the redirect prompts to install their mobile application.

  • Nearly two-thirds have been using mobile marketing for the last 6 months to a year.
  • 37 percent said they are not yet forcing mobile marketing because they haven’t pinpointed the right tactics to use.
  • About 1 in 5 does not have the resources and staff.

Luckily, Smarter Agent gives you the tools necessary to successfully implement your own mobile app into your budget. Affordable and easy to share with your clients, our mobile apps give you not only the opportunity to become familiar with how your clients search for homes, but the service also gives you a backend system to track your usage stats, a custom downloader page to put on your website, a unique text code to put on all of your materials, and access to webinars.

  • 50 percent of businesses achieve mobile marketing using their internal resources
  • 34 percent use a blend of both internal resources and outside agencies.

Many clients with Smarter Agent have their web designers integrate to their website a custom downloader page that we create for them. If you are a realtor and when your marketing team begins drafting your next newsletter, open house flyer, or business card template be sure to include your custom text code on all of them. It is the perfect blend of a little outside help combined with the expertise of an in-house team.

If you are thinking about incorporating mobile into your next business plan, but are not sure if your plans will come to fruition, begin by signing up for a webinar here:

The presentation should give you the confidence you need to start embracing mobile now!

~ Michael Mercer, Account Manager