Does your Brand have a Mobile App? 91% of the Top 100 Brands Do…

Yes, you read that correctly. Within the last 18 months, 40% of the top brands have joined their forward-thinking comrades in the mobile app arena. According to recent statistics from Distimo, as reported by, a powerful 91% of the top 100 brands in the world now have “a presence in at least one of the major mobile applications stores.”

Why is this number significant? It is the harkening of the increasingly rapid-pace that brand mobilization has taken. Brands wanting to get their slice of the mobile market pie and remain within the reach of consumers, which touts more than 1.08 billion smart phones, are racing to get to the top of the app store product lists.

As noted in the TechCrunch article, brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, GE and IBM have hit the ground running to get their apps into some or all of the app stores, to be downloaded by mobile users.

As the mobile market continues to grow, mobile web is projected to swamp desktop web use by 2014,

Even if your brand does not compete on the levels or industry of GE, Disney or IBM, with a market in the billions, the need to have a branded mobile application for your company is more than apparent.

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Smart Phone Statistics 2011

The Future of the Mobile Application

If you are a consumer-facing brand and are interested in moving into the mobile space but have yet to take the leap, there are a few things you need to consider before you get a development team working on your mobile app.

To offer a continuous, effective solution for your business, your branded mobile application needs to be an intuitive and integrated solution for  your users. This means that it has to have the ability to connect with your back end infrastructure and therefore grow with your ever changing business..

Your branded mobile application also needs to represent a  global presence rooted in your brand, while remaining local to the user.  .

Your mobile application needs to be able to work across all mobile platforms and any carrier. Period.

The above points are exactly why Smarter Agent offers a cascading mobile application platform as a service not just another app. We want to be sure that we give you a scalable tool that your business can brand as a way to deliver new leads and customers in this ever changing mobile world.   

What are you waiting for? Get your piece of the 1.08 billion smart-phone market with a branded application from Smarter Agent.  Chances are, your competition is already on the move.