Get smarter when it comes to apartment hunting


By Brian Osborne

Smarter Agent announced a new application that will make apartment hunting a little easier. The new application called “Apartments for Rent” uses GPS-based mobile searches to find apartments for rent, which are close to your location. The application really will change the way most people look for an apartment by giving them access to listings from their mobile phones.

Typically, if you need to go apartment hunting, then you hit the grocery stores or news stands to pick up one of the various free apartment guides, magazines, and newspapers available. You then start flipping through the magazines and begin trying to figure out where some of these apartments are located to ensure they are in a good neighborhood or are convenient to your place of work or your school. That can be a little bit of a hassle.

Rather than having to find free apartment magazines or guides, Smarter Agent automatically pulls apartment listings from a variety of sources, including, realters, and over 150 newspapers. Property owners can also list property on the service for free at the website. Sprint and AT&T subscribers can use the service for only US$2.99 a month. That includes unlimited use and coverage nationwide.

You got to admit there is some convenience being offered by an application like “Apartments for Rent.” Heck, I suppose another selling point for the application is the gas money you’ll save trying to pick up as many apartment listing guides as possible, let alone figuring out where some of these apartments are located. Now, you can simply go to a location you would like to live around and look up what apartments are for rent around you. That’s a pretty nice service, and it sure beats thumbing threw a bunch of newspapers or apartment listings.