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Fact:  Movers spend more money in the 3 months surrounding their move than established residents spend in a 4 year period! Do you provide services or products to movers? Contact Smarter Agent today to see how we can get your ads in front of home sellers and buyers!

A Home-Buyers Spending Path

After searching for homes on the Smarter Agent mobile application, they find a house to buy.  They’re going to need a mortgage company to get pre-approval the lowest rates.  They’ll need a home inspection, title search, home warranty, perhaps a lawyer and definitely a realtor before they even think about signing on the dotted line. Oh, and don’t forget the financial planner who will help transfer the money they’ve saved for a down payment. 

Next up, they’ll need home insurance for the new place, boxes, movers, paint, a cleaning service to leave their old place in tip-top shape for their buyers and they haven’t even moved yet! Along the way, they’ll probably pick up a few things, maybe some new pillows or a beautiful lighting fixture for their entry way.  Now, they need a moving company or at least a U-Haul and a few friends to get their stuff to their new place.

At the new house, they’ll need more paint, maybe a new kitchen or updates to a bathroom or two. They’ll be shopping for appliances or a new sofa and they may throw in a new coffee table because the stuff they’ve had since their first college apartment just isn’t cutting it anymore.  Maybe they need a decorator? Landscape and pool service?  Definitely cable, telephone, and internet.  Are they beer or champagne people, pizza or Chinese food because now it’s time to celebrate the first night in their new home!

And, for some strange reason, now that they’ve spent all of this money, statistics show that they may go buy a new car.  Chalk it up to lifestyle changes.

Calling All Advertisers!

Hey all vendors in any of the above industries!!  Smarter Agent mobile app delivers YOUR ADS and information to POTENTIAL MOVERS while they are searching for homes from their mobile devices.  What are you waiting for?  Email me for advertising information at

~Michele Lamm, Advertising & Sponsorship Sales