Give your Business a Gift this Holiday Season. Mobile Technology Powered by Smarter Agent.

While you concentrate on your business, let us handle you’re mobile technology. Whether you’re a REALTOR®  or advertiser looking to reach home buyers, you’ll garner brand awareness and be recognized as a mobile innovator. For example, South Jersey’s Balsley Losco Realty was recognized in last Sunday’s Real Estate Section of the Atlantic City Press.  MetLife Home Loans, an advertising sponsor of Balsley Losco’s mobile app powered by Smarter Agent, also benefits from brand awareness and leads generated through Balsley Losco’s mobile app.

As Bob Dylan croons, “The Times They Are a Changin’”.   Ten years ago, if you didn’t hop on the Internet train, chances are you were left in the dust.  These days, it’s mobile.  Skeptical?  Where’s your phone right now?  Probably in your hand or plugged into the closest outlet.  Your phone has figuratively if not literally become an appendage.  If it’s out of your sight, do you break into a sweat?  No access to email, calls, web? Chances are you’ve turned the car around to go home and get it, at least once. Your customers are just as mobile-dependant.

As search continues to shift from web to mobile, think about your business and don’t be left in the dust.  Embrace Mobile and empower your business with mobile technology from Smarter Agent.  If you’re a REALTOR®, this means your Own App, Branded with Your Name on our cascading mobile real estate platform.  Distribute it to your clients and prospects, generate brand awareness and leads.  With marginal out of pocket cost for a branded app, this is a MUST HAVE tool for your business.

If you’re an advertiser who wants to reach mobile real estate buyers and sellers, give yourself a gift, advertise.  You too will benefit from brand awareness and generate leads.  Go national or stay regional on Smarter Agent’s Ad Network.

Full screen advertising, your company, your message.  All leads go directly to you.

Take a peek last Sunday’s article about Mobile Technology and Real Estate, and try out Balsley Losco’s app for properties in Southern New Jersey by texting to number : 87778, the message BLHOMES.

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