What Makes a Go-To App for Real Estate Professionals?

Recently Jared James wrote about the “12 Go-to apps for real estate professionals”.

It was a good list and mentioned some interesting apps. I was surprised however by the push of the 3rd party aggregator apps. While they have a tremendous amount of end users, their primary purpose is to deliver eyeballs for advertising. While that is not a bad business model, just not sure I would consider is a top app for the professional themselves versus highly used consumer apps.

The question is just because something has high consumer usage does it mean it is automatically a valuable tool for agents? Not sure that it is the case. The bigger the third parties get, and they have a place in the ecosystem, the more they will leverage their size to generate revenue from agents. The power is thus about their size which again has a place but not sure qualifies as “go to”.

Smarter Agent has developed a product that is on par to the 3rd party aggregators but brands and works for the largest franchises such as C21, ERA and Sothebys among others. Meaning we brand to them, provide their brokers and agents branded apps for them to all distribute to their clients. This maintains their brand value while giving their users a valuable tool and keeps the connection between brand/agent and the client. Meaning it’s a tool for the professional from start to finish that creates a true connection between client and agent or brand.

That is what I consider “Go-to”. It is a nuance I know, but I think an important one as real estate professionals continue to battle for brand recognition, visibility and client engagement.

~ Philip Charles-Pierre, SVP of Marketing and Distribution