New Google Extensions Enhance Mobile App Advertising Tools

Google is at it again. Their new AdWords mobile app extensions allows Google advertisers to add a specific Mobile App extension within their ad campaign for anyone searching Google from their smartphone to download their app from a Google ad. 

What is a Mobile App Extension?

When you implement a mobile app extension to your Google ad campaign, a link to download your mobile app appears along with the other links included in your Google ad. No matter what media ad viewers are using when your ad crops up, they can see the download link option.

According to Google, “they saw a 6 percent lift in click-through rateswhen the Mobile App Extension was displayed during beta testing.”  

Here’s what an active Google ad looks like with the Mobile App extension in place:


 Google Mobile App Extensions 1









How to Set up your Google Mobile Ad Extension in your Google Ad Campaign

From your Google Adwords account:

      1. Find the “Ad Extensions” Tab


  1. Select “Mobile App”. This will bring up a drop down screen where you can select the following points.
  2. Select Mobile OS – either Android or iOS (Apple)
  3. Enter “Package Name” for Android or “App ID” for iOS. You can also use Google’s handy “Look up app” utility.
  4. Write link text. Be sure to give ad viewers a reason to click to download your app!
  5. Enter the link URL – the physical location of your app on Google Play or iTunes.

So, make your Google ad a mobile download opportunity with the new Google mobile app extensions and increase your ad campaign ROI.

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager