Here’s some holiday cheer (and advice) from Smarter Agent Mobile!

With the holiday months upon us, you’ll be going to countless events and meeting lots of new people that can become clients for years to come. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to build new and lasting relationships.

At your next party, have something more to give your potential clients than just a boring business card. Share your personal URL which they can use to download your app and contact you long after the cakes and cookies have been eaten! 

Some tips for holiday networking:

1. Make sure you start off asking insightful questions about their lives, maybe ask how they are enjoying the holidays. Bringing up business right off the bat isn’t really in keeping with a cheery holiday atmosphere. Plus, the more you find out about them the better you can help them with their housing needs!

2. Follow up afterwards with an email, letting them know you had a great time meeting them at the holiday party and that you’d be happy to help them with a home search anytime. Bonus points if you refer to something you discussed during your conversation.

3. Be energetic and mingle as much as possible! A good attitude and eye contact goes a long way, and everyone wants to know that their real estate agent is approachable and engaging.