Inman Connect San Francisco – “Why Mobile Matters”

I just finished the panel on Why Mobile Matters.

The big topic of conversation was around a mobile experience that works synergistically with all devices and all digital channels. So whether a consumer is on a phone, website or talking to an agent they want and deserve a unified experience.

Further, we discussed the concept of reactive design.

Ultimately for me whether your building an app or website, it is about the result you want and business goals. So work backwards. If leads are what you want, then design and build an app that drives to that result. There are many cool app features that can mesmerize users, but will it turn them into leads?

In the end, you want to build a suite of tools and mobile products that work synergistically within an “access ecosystem” which lets your customers find and communicate with you how they want to.

If you give them that, my guess is they will stay engaged with you.

 ~ Philip Charles-Pierre, SVP Marketing and Distribution

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