Inman Real Estate Connect, NYC – Are Agents and Broker Owners Ready to Connect with their customers via Mobile?

The first full day at Inman NYC was very interesting. Lots on fascinating discussion around technology, real estate tools and what real estate agents really use or don’t in their everyday business.

One fact is clear, everyone I’ve spoken with so far seems to understand that real estate agents and industry pros alike need to use technology, including mobile. But everyone also agrees that agents will be slow to adopt. While that may be true, I am not sure home buyers and sellers are so slow to embrace technology.

So there is an interesting tension in that fact. The question is, which real estate agents and agencies will adopt mobile technology into their business in a genuine way so they can maintain their brand and engage with the ever digital and mobile home buyer client base?

It is not about simply being listed on popular real estate web sites, it’s about managing and maintaining your real estate brand within a mobile marketplace. As one person told me, at the very base, successful real estate is about maintaining a one-on-one or local relationship with your clients or potential clients. Mobile technology can help but keep it local and personal.

 ~ Philip Charles-Pierre, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Distribution