It’s all about the Leads! Century 21’s Mobile Application Webinar

Recently, I hosted a CENTURY 21 webinar for CENTURY 21 brokers and agents. Smarter Agent hosts these webinars exclusively for our partners including CENTURY 21 brokers and agents not only to teach them about all the great benefits of participating in and using CENTURY 21’s mobile app, but also to generally educate them about advancements in mobile technology.

The webinar covered topics as broad as overall mobile statistics and as specific as how the leads are routed from the CENTURY 21 Real Estate Mobile App. It didn’t matter if you were a broker who had never heard of CENTURY 21’s app or an agent who still used a cell phone from the ‘Stone Age’; the session benefitted everyone because it focused on giving the brokers and agents better success rates with the application.

I was also able to get a sense of what CENTURY 21 brokers were looking for in their mobile strategy but I was encouraged to hear from a number of them who were what I would call mobile novices.  I think these brokers want to learn because they understand that mobile is going to be a fundamental way they will drive their businesses and develop direct relationships with clients.  I was happy to help them no matter what their questions were.

Some attendees had questions about how they could download the mobile app to check it out for themselves, while others wanted to know how they could add the Facebook platform to their Fan Page and where they could find a good QR code generator.

CENTURY 21’s mobile application is available for free in all the major app stores to consumers. It allows the user to search the full MLS for real estate properties, and when they want more information they can be directly connected with a real estate agent. To download CENTURY 21’s Mobile Real Estate Search Mobile App, go to your app store or visit

I love doing these webinars because I learn something new every time and get such a good sense of what brokers and agents are facing out there as they deal with a tough real estate market and fast moving mobile marketplace.

~ Rebecca Lee, Partner Relations Manager