More Marketers are using Mobile for their next Big Catch

High revenue companies, including some of the most well known real estreal estate application catchate franchises in the country are looking to increase their ROI with bold new strategies in mobile marketing. Distinguished franchises such as CENTURY 21, ERA, and Sotheby’s International Realty have adopted programs that have embraced the mobile. To see for yourself, text any of the following messages to the number 87778: C21, ERA, or SIR.

According to a research study cited on, over half of mobile marketers cited returns on investments in mobile as higher than other marketing spends. “For those reporting results, the average ROI was 32 percent.”  Consequently, a vast majority of businesses are ramping up their budgets to make room for a mobile strategy. Businesses are also beginning to redirect to resources to mobile programs by an average of more than 20 percent.

Smarter Agent provides a cascading array of mobile marketing solutions that can rapidly get your brand into the hands of your customers. By integrating your own branded app into your social media, print and other electronic materials, you have a surefire way to give your clients what they want faster and get a more positive ROI more rapidly. Along with all the tools you can use to get your app into the hands of consumers, you can also watch and see how your ROI increases. Our administrative dashboard system will help track your leads and usage summary, giving you an example of quantifiable benefits that many of the leaders in the cited survey stated.

The trend is clear. Mobile marketing is here to stay. New prospects and customer retention depend on whether you choose to harness the power of a mobile strategy. By adopting new tactics, you can reap the benefits of a targeted mobile campaign and see a much high return on investment.

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~ Michael Mercer, Account Manager