MLS implementation of our Smarter Agent Free MLS Branded Mobile Application by North Alabama Multiple Listing Service, Inc, Part 2 of a 3 part series

“Helping Connect the Consumers to our Agents”

Another MLS that has joined the Smarter Agent Free MLS Branded Mobile App program lies in the great state of Alabama.  I was given the opportunity to interview Tammy Owen, Technology Services Director for North Alabama Multiple Listing Service, Inc. regarding her MLS’ involvement and implementation of the Smarter Agent Free MLS Branded Mobile Application.

Tammy said they decided to go with Smarter Agent for their consumer facing website’s mobile app solution, because “We understand the importance of providing consumers with a mobile search that works on any platform.  Smarter Agent offered us a great product to do this.”  Tammy also acknowledged that the MLS mobile application is, “helping connect the consumers/prospects to our agents. “

When it comes to disseminating their Smarter Agent MLS Branded Mobile app out to their consumers and members, “We are promoting Smarter Agent (via) (a) several Constant Contact emails have been sent to our membership letting them know about our new app; in turn, they are getting this information to their prospects; (b) “Mobile Search” is on our web site; (c) it is in our staff’s (email) signatures and we may do a press announcement about it as well.” 

Thank you Tammy, it has been a pleasure working with you and everyone at North Alabama Multiple Listing Service, Inc.. It’s exciting for us to maintain our relationship with an MLS that continuously takes the initiative to stay up to date with the fast moving technology world!

~ Sasha England, MLS Coordinator