MLS implementation of the Smarter Agent Free MLS Branded Mobile Application, Part 3 of a 3 part series

The third featured Smarter Agent MLS Branded Mobile App participant lies in the picturesque state of Rhode Island.  I reached out to Michael Letendre, the Chief Information Officer for State-Wide MLS, Inc., and asked why they decided to take their MLS mobile.

“With our public-facing website having such an established brand here in RI, we felt that it was critical that consumers had a mobile-based alternative to access our on-line portal.  While working with Smarter Agent to create “RILiving Mobile”, we leveraged that product to then promote their member-branded version to our agents & brokers.”

Michael also stated that the RILiving MLS Branded Mobile App serves as a beneficial mobile solution for their members, consumers, and MLS, “For both our Members and our MLS, the Smarter Agent app serves those customers that desire to use their mobile phone as their primary property search tool.  With today’s market being a bit ‘challenging’, every lead is critical!”

When it comes to marketing their Smarter Agent RILiving Branded Mobile app, Michael explained, “To date, we’ve used social media channels, direct email and web postings to promote the product to our members.  For consumers, we’ve added code to our public website which identifies when the visitor is accessing via a mobile device and sends them to the Smarter Agent download page.”

So far, so good. “Consumer feedback has been positive, with usage reports illustrating that it’s a popular and effective option to visiting our consumer website.”

Thank you to Michael Letendre and to all of our friends at State-Wide MLS, Inc. for taking the time to reveal to everyone why going mobile is so important, you are obviously an ‘in the know’ MLS that takes care of your members by giving them the tools they need to succeed!

~Sasha England, MLS Coordinator