MLSs in Major App Stores: Your fellow MLSs are already Making their way into the App Stores, so are your Competitors, and so should You.

It’s time you understand the benefits of taking your MLS mobile and having a presence in all major app stores.

Are you an MLS that is ready to make a statement?  Do you stand behind your real estate brand?  Are you ready to embrace technology and give your members the support that they need to drive their business to the next level?  Then it is time you take your MLS mobile and stamp your presence in the app world.  Having an app that works on all phones, across all carriers and captures organic traffic searching in all major app stores will not only drive revenue for your members but will benefit your MLS’s business as a whole. 

By getting your MLS app into all of the major mobile app stores, we estimate that your MLS app downloads will automatically see a 20% boost.  That’s 20% more FREE leads to your members and all you have to do is sit back and let the consumers interested in purchasing a home do what they are already doing, shopping app stores for mobile apps that will make home buying easier. 

Smarter Agent has taken agents, brokers, franchisees live in all of the app stores, and now we are doing the same for MLSs.  This MLS Premium White Label app is available to you for just $299 a month

What do you get with your MLS Premium White Label app?  You get a premium mobile real estate solution!

 Premium MLS White Label Mobile App:

  • Native app in iTunes, Android Marketplace and Blackberry App World
  • MLS branding and colors throughout the app
  • Consumer and member facing app
  • Administrative Dashboard
  • Personalized text code
  • Downloader page for your website
  • Agent call routing- all calls go to the listing agent
  • QR Code and short URL
  • Sniffer code that re-routes mobile traffic to your app

If you are an MLS that would like to learn more, contact me at or give me a call at 856-614-5423.

If you are an MLS member that wants a piece of the action, if you want 20% more free leads from your MLS, then send your MLS this blog link and tell them you want in!

~ Sasha England, MLS Coordinator and Account Manager