Make the Most of Your Mobile App Now, Part 1

This is Part One of a Three-Part Series for Branded Mobile App Users

You made a great choice

With U.S. consumers spending close to 3 hours on their mobile devices everyday, and more than 68% of home shoppers using mobile apps throughout their real estate search, you made a great choice in making mobile part of your overall marketing strategy.

Your branded mobile app gives today’s buyers and sellers exactly what they want — the latest and most accurate real estate information accessible from anywhere, on any mobile device. Because it’s your app, all leads go to you. That means when buyers find a property they’re interested in, it’s you who they call or email.

Now that you have your app, you may be wondering what’s next. We thought this might be the case, and put together this 3-part series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to guide you to make the most of your custom app.

In Part 1, we address the text code:

1. How do I use my text code?
With your own branded mobile app, you get a unique text code. Anyone who texts your unique code to 87778 will receive a text message back with the link to download your app. It’s that easy! One thing to keep in mind is to be sure not to add any spaces when typing in the text code and be aware of any auto-correct features on your phone. While we love auto-correct, we’ve all seen what can happen when our phones automatically correct our messages!

2. How do I market my text code?
We love hearing all the unique ways agents and brokers market their text code. Some of our favorites include: sending the code in an email blast to clients, making the code part of your email signature and adding it to your business cards. Don’t forget to share your app with both current and past clients. Your past clients are a great source of referrals and can easily share the app with their friends and family who may be looking for a home.

3. What are other ways to share my text code?
The opportunities to share your text code are endless. Next time you post to your Facebook page, make your text code part of your status update. Make it fun. Consider saying something like, “Curious about what homes in your neighborhood are for sale? Simply Text: MYCODE To: 87778 and download my free mobile app and find out – and please repost as your status!” Do you use Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+? Share your text code via your next tweet or update. Located on your home screen, the “Send This App” feature allows you to share your app with any mobile phone number or address. Don’t forget to follow-up and make sure that clients and potential clients understand the apps’ features and how to download it.

4. What if I want more ideas?
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5. What if I still have questions?
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