Make the Most of Your Mobile App, Part Three

Your Branded App versus Third Party Apps

We hope you found Parts One and Two of this series full of helpful tips to make the most of your branded mobile app.

In Part Three, we answer the common question: Why would a buyer or seller want to use my mobile app when there are many other mobile apps offering real estate search?

Answer: Because your app is better!

Here’s why: With your branded app, buyers and sellers get direct access to more properties in the MLS anywhere, anytime. What many buyers and sellers don’t realize about using third party real estate apps is that the property information doesn’t always come straight from the MLS, therefore, it’s often times out-of-date or inaccurate. According to a study by ZipRealty, more than 15% of homes presented as actively for sale in third party apps were not identified within MLS records of active listings.

With your mobile app, listing data is updated every 15 minutes, meaning what your clients see is the latest and most accurate info available. Also, because Smarter Agent has agreements with more than 400 MLSs, your buyers and sellers have access to more real estate information than is available on other third party apps. In the same study by ZipRealty, a survey of available properties found that more than a quarter of available properties were not showing within these same third party apps.

Now, when you’re inevitably asked why your app is great, you have the answer.

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