Mobile App Use Blowing Away Web Surfing

Mobile use According to a recent blog post by Application Analytics Company Flurry, mobile app use has grown an amazing 91% in just one year (2010-2011). Overtaking web surfing, both desktop and mobile, mobile apps are now the go-to for digital content acquisition.

Compared to the web mobile applications are still fairly new. Not quite out of their toddler years in technology timelines, they have cut their teeth on the more than 1.08 billion smart phone users worldwide, launching growth that is annihilating that of any web-based medium previously.

The conclusion of Flurry’ s reporting is that people in the US “like to have their content targeted and served directly” (Flurry). With that in mind, there is only one question left to ask. Is your brand mobile?

 ~ Michelle Casey, Account Manager