Mobile is Becoming a Larger Slice of the Marketing Pie

Any successful marketing strategy must work with the latest technological trends, while still maintaining a great return on investment. This is particularly true for the real estate business, which has suffered greatly during the recession and beyond. But now that the housing market is showing signs of improving, it is more important than ever to quickly initiate a campaign that takes advantage of any potential upswing in the market and get ahead of the competition. The real estate tools to help you do that are closer than you might think.

According to a mobile marketing survey done by StrongMail, lack of strategy inhibits 37%  of businesses considering a mobile marketing campaign. The report also indicates that 22% of businesses have few existing resources to add a mobile campaign to their business marketing plan. Despite these road bumps, StrongMail’s survey shows that mobile marketing initiatives and budgets are expected to increase overall (70% expect their budget to increase in the next 12 months). The real estate toolbox is projected to increase in size in the next year; however, many businesses don’t know what to fill it with.

iPhone apps, blackberry app, mobile app, IOS app, real estate appThese stats point to an opportunity. Integrate a cost effective, easy to market tool that can accommodate every facet of your real estate brokerage. For example, a device agnostic, cascading mobile solutions provide a way for agents under any brokerage to participate in the powerful returns of a high-level marketing initiative, and maybe even defray some of their own marketing spend. Having a real estate tool that works on multiple devices from iPhones to tablets to standard feature phones, you have a significantly wider reach, gaining headway with a larger audience to close more sales. Click here to learn more about a few of these solutions to enhance your own marketing strategy and get the most from your marketing spend.

The StrongMail survey results also highlight a real opportunity for businesses to integrate a mobile real estate tools with a variety of digital channels to properly engage customers at various stages of the customer lifecycle. For example, many realtors connect with potential customers through the referrals of old customers. By becoming mobile savvy, you are showing your customers that you are willing to connect using the mediums they are most comfortable with. This is especially true with the current wave of new homeowners considering the average home buyer is 33 years old and the average smart phone owner is between 25 and 34. By increasing your marketing budget to include more mobile real estate tools, you are quickly building the potential for a network of customers that are within hands reach of increasing your leads.

~ Michael Mercer, Account Manager