Mobile Real Estate Apps Focus on Clients Needs, Build Agents’ Brands

I just finished attending 2 days at the Triple Play Real Estate Expo in Atlantic City last week.  Many people stopped by the Smarter Agent booth to learn more about mobile marketing and some people truly understand the importance of adding a mobile solution to their future marketing plans.  We were able to talk about different products we offer including our branded mobile app and also our more premium White Label mobile application.

While it would be nice to focus on those REALTORS who “get it” and see a future in having their own branded mobile app, I have to comment on the number who don’t.  Having been in mobile as long as I have, it was really surprising to hear REALTORS say something like “Oh, that’s not for me” or “I don’t have a smart phone.”  The thing is these REALTORS that don’t see the purpose mobile real estate apps serve to their business aren’t completely wrong. A branded app from Smarter Agent is not for them but for their clients, the real estate intending public seeking to buy a new home.  Smarter Agent is a way to empower your real estate clients to search for homes anywhere, anytime with a powerful, GPS-oriented mobile application with access to 4,000,000 property listings. So, even if you are a REALTOR that doesn’t use a smart phone, chances are, your clients are one of the billions of people in the world that do.

Having a mobile marketing tool that works where your clients are is important and home buyers these days are mobile.  People are using their cell phones for everything from finding weather forecasts to sports scores to what time the next movie starts.  Real estate can work the same way, home buyers should be able to access up-to-date property search info from any mobile device and their REALTOR should give them this tool.  Those real estate professionals who recognize this are going to be the ones who have the most success in the coming year.  

~Larry Davis, Sales Executive