Mobile Stats That Will Make You Stop and Think

  • There are approximately 1 billion are smartphones word wide.
  • 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site will go to a competitor’s site.
  • Within one year, mobile internet usage is “destined to overtake desktop internet usage.”
    • See the entire mobile stats list here.

As a real estate professional, you know how important it is to be the “first on the scene” of a potential home sale or purchase, that means being ahead of all your competitors when home buyers and sellers begin their process.

With a branded agent app from Smarter Agent, your clients and prospects have instant access to all the listed properties within MLSs all across the country. They also have one-click access to your contact information. That means when they find their dream home and review the images and property details from the branded Smarter Agent real estate app you shared with them, they will only be able to reach out to you, regardless of the listing agent.

There is no simpler way to strengthen your real estate business than by simplifying and widening your lead generation funnel. Your branded agent app does just that. Easy to download, simple to use, home buyers have the ability to share their finds with family and friends via email or social media, save their favorite properties and view all the properties that interest them, all from their smart phone. In this ever-mobile society, real estate professionals who want to drive their business to the next level need any advantage over their competition they can get.

Why wait? Be one of the first in line when mobile overtakes web for real estate search.