Mobile takes the Lead Ahead of Traditional Marketing

Businesses owners are always interested in being ahead of the curve when it comes to lead mobile marketing leaps ahead generation. In an increasingly mobile world, mobilemarketing continues to permeate just about every industry. In a recent report, it seems that mobile has finally outstripped its traditional marketing counterparts for personalization, immediacy and tracking.

In a recent article from Soundbite Communications, who developed a survey across various industries, the results were universal and conclusive.

“Consumers’ rapid smartphone adoption is an absolute game-changer,” said Mark Friedman, executive vice president of SoundBite’s Mobile Services Business Unit. “This survey proves that those who invest in growing and managing mobile marketing databases in an intelligent and compliant manner have a tremendous opportunity to reap the rewards with high ROI marketing programs.”

Results of the survey comparing mobile marketing ROI to traditional initiatives included:

  • 52 percent of mobile marketers stated mobile returns were higher while only
  • 15 percent stated their returns as lower. For those reporting results, the average ROI was 32 percent.

“With mobile marketing budgets and consumer adoption increasing, it’s time for companies to align the mobile channel to every phase of the customer lifecycle,” stated Roseanne Luth, president, Luth Research.”The touch points provided by mobile marketing are critical in customer acquisition, retention, engagement and care. Building a companywide mobile strategy is vital, and aligning with the right partners to execute that strategy is the key to long-term success.”

Mobile marketers also expressed concerns including:

  • “Building internal expertise on using mobile as a marketing channel
  • Building and managing large opt-in databases and properly communicating  with consumers
  • Identifying technology solutions
  • Combating mobile perception and consumer receptivity challenges”

While mobile marketing is not the new kid on the marketing block, it’s clear that as smart phone use continues to saturate every-day life businesses need to seriously consider swapping out marketing dollars to bolster their mobile presence.

Are you ready?

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager