Mobile Technology Gives Hope to the Real Estate Industry

As I head home from the NAR conference today, I’m trying to process all of the information I’ve taken in over the past few days. I took some time over the weekend to walk around the center and see what other booths are offering…..and it’s really all about technology.

By the time someone gets to our booth, they have been handed flyer after flyer about a new real estate technology that didn’t exist last year. For some agents it can be exciting, and for others it can be overwhelming and depressing. Why depressing you may ask? It’s because at all of these booths, they are being told that this is the real estate tool that they must have…..and of course every new tool is an added cost.

For a lot people in the real estate business today, money is tight and there’s a limit to how many real estate tools they can afford. There is a fear of allocating those limited dollars in the wrong place in technology and then getting behind on the competition. As someone who has worked as an agent and also for a real estate company, I can feel their pain.

The key for a company like Smarter Agent is to take that fear and turn it into hope; hope that there is a company out there that can affordably provide a real estate tool that will drive leads to them, because the end, it’s all about leads. I am looking forward to getting back to New Jersey to begin to find new ways to get agents and brokers excited about what the Smarter Agent real estate mobile app can do for their business.