Mobile will get your Brand to the “Forefront of Millions of Potential Customers’ Minds”

In an article for Research 2 Guidance: The Mobile Research Specialists, Ralf-Gordon Jahns discusses why his company thinks mobile applications will become as important for companies as their websites. The mobile app marketplaces are constantly changing and developing. This constant positive growth has led Ralf to his list of six reasons to support the companies’ claims of application importance.

Mobile Real Estate

For reasons 1-3, both the ubiquity of Smartphone and the ubiquity of app stores will contribute greatly to the success of mobile apps.  Smartphone will increasingly grow in popularity, causing the use of standard cell phones to decrease. This growth in Smartphone use leads us to the ubiquity of app stores.  For the foreseeable future smart phones will depend on the app stores.

Mobile users who have a smart phone or an advanced feature phone will always have easy access to their mobile app stores. The many possibilities of the Smartphone, according to Ralf, “can help companies to promote their brand or product, or to provide access to their existing products.” Ralf also claims that we will see more cases of this in the future including; new products enabled by apps, mobile health, mobile selling, and apps that will improve efficiency within a company.

For reasons 4-6, mobile application offer an unmatched user-experience as well as providing companies with proximity to their customers and offers better visibility. The experience and interface that a user gets with a mobile application cannot be matched with a mobile website. Ralf states, “Smart phones are much more personal and intimate devices than a laptop or desktop device. For most users their phones are never further than 1 meter away 24/7.”  This idea lends to the attractiveness of mobile real estate applications. If your clients phones are always close by, this means your companies mobile application is never too far away.  The last reason but certainly not the least, having a mobile application provides better visibility.

Although there are hundreds of thousands applications in the app stores, being found amongst that number is far easier than being discovered  amongst the millions of websites that exist. Ralf also notes, “The application marketplaces are stores, unlike web or its search engines, they are designed to sell and present products. The new generation of app stores makes it easier than ever before to be in the forefront of millions of potential customers’ minds.”

For real estate agents and brokers, the statistics above apply to their mobile client base. More and more often, home buyers are using their GPS and mobile phones to locate prospective new homes. Branded mobile real estate applications give real estate professionals the ability to get their name, their brand and their properties in front of the prospective home buyers in their region, with the click of a button. In a still-sluggish real estate market, now is the time to give their real estate office the advantage of a mobile real estate application. Spring is just around the corner, get your brand ready to compete at the busiest real estate time of year.

Is your brand mobile?