Taking the Mystery out of Marketing your Mobile App

You’ve undoubtedly heard of mobile apps on businesses. You understand the unprecedented capabilities mobile apps can have to drive leads. However, that’s where your “understanding” stops. How do you integrate your mobile app with your other marketing channels to garner real results without wasting marketing dollars?

This is not a unique situation.

According to a recent news release from the Houston Chronicle, “43% of companies don’t know how to get started” with mobile.. This data was farmed from “Talk with the Experts” webinar host Jodi Bailey Gill and her latest webinar on mobile marketing. (Source: The Experts Bench survey, May 2012)

At Smarter Agent, we make it our top priority to understand and develop winning methods to help companies market their apps because our apps have built in distribution mechanisms and tools.

One of our newest real estate partners, D.L. Jones and Associates Real Estate has recently reported an incredible success story after implementing their real estate application that we think merits sharing. (Can you say “24 hour turnaround on a contract?”) With their story, they also disclosed some of the effective tactics their agents and brokers used to get their real estate app into the hands of potential buyers and prospects.

Take a look:

  • We placed an ad in the back page of a local publication promoting our app.
  • One of our agents held an open house on Saturday and was able to get all 9 “lookers” to download our app! That’s 9 new prospective clients for her!
  • 2 of our agents sent out a mass email to their entire database announcing: “Looking for a House? There’s an App for That!” They included instructions on how to text their personal code and download the app to their mobile phone.
  • At least 8 agents have added a text link to their email signature so that everyone they send an email to receives instructions to download their personal app.
  • At least 4 agents have added instructions to their website on how to download our real estate search applications!
  • At least 5 agents have posted a link about our applications on their personal Facebook pages!
  • 2 agents are having their business cards re-designed to include reference to their mobile application codes.

The results so far?

(about two weeks time from the day their app went “live” in the major app stores).

Hundreds of  people have downloaded our applications so far. Thousands of individual homes have been viewed from almost one thousand searches!

The impact is that we already have one contract signed from a user of our mobile apps!

There’s no real mystery to it. Getting your mobile application distributedto your target market takes the same diligence you apply to your other marketing. By combining traditional and new media like print, Social Media and web as the staff at D. L. Jones has done, you can get your mobile app into the hands of your target market and start driving leads to your sales team.

Still not sure how to begin? Check out our next FREE webinar discussing the ins and outs of marketing a branded app, every Wednesday from 3:00 – 4:00 PM.

Are you ready?

~ Tracie Close, Online Marketing Manager