Nelle Tatum of United Realty Network Uses Mobile to become a Leading Real Estate Agent in Texas

Working with our branded mobile app partners allows us to really see how the Smarter Agent mobile application is allowing them to drive their brands directly to their clients and prospects. In a recent interview with Nelle Tatum of the United Realty Network in Richmond, Texas, we talked about how she uses her Smarter Agent app for her Richmond, Texas brokerage.

“I use the app as a conversation piece for future prospects. I don’t like to hard sell, so when I meet a person out and about who mentions they are looking or they know someone who’s looking, as a conversation piece I tell them to download the app so pictures of available homes for sale are right there on their cell phone and they can browse anytime. Then I tell them if they see something they like, click the phone icon and me or anyone of my agents will be glad to set something up to go view.”

Nelle markets her application through a multitude of vehicles, promoting the benefits and ease of use the app provides to real estate intenders.

“I run an ad in the local paper under the ‘For RENT or For LEASE’ section. I encourage people to text TURNNOW to 87778 this helps with driving traffic to the app. Renters like the app because when they are driving around looking for available properties the GPS feature can guide them to available properties in the area. Also, instead of emailing lists of available properties to my rental prospects, I encourage them to download the app and they can search all the available properties themselves anytime and anywhere.”

Nelle has taken a very pro-active approach to the Smarter Agent application and her business. As a result, she has seen significant benefit for her business, especially within the rental market. “I’ve snagged a couple of leases with the app and now working with them both to get them buy a home by at least next year.”

As part of her growing real estate business and as a result of her mobile real estate success, Nelle has managed several seminars as a part of the required MCE courses to local real estate agents and brokers on real estate mobile marketing and apps. Highlighting the Smarter Agent application in her course, she often requires that attendees download the app so they can begin using it to grow their own real estate business.

Regarding her next mobile real estate seminar on Wednesday, November 9, 2011, Nelle states, “he name of the course is ‘Mobile Marketing Strategies for Real Estate.’  It is approved by Texas Real Estate Commission as a MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) course. Agents who attend this class will receive 3hrs credit towards their annual 15 hour requirement. It is course #23586 and I am an approved MCE Instructor under Rollyn’s School of Real Estate who is an accredited MCE provider by TREC. I’m also the author of this course, “Mobile Marketing Strategies for Real Estate.”

Real Estate agents in the Richmond, TX area interested in attending Nelle’s next real estate mobile marketing course can register here. She is taking real estate mobile marketing by storm in Texas, see the benefits and powerful suite of tools it can bring to your brokerage.